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How to Remain Relevant in the Evolving Workplace

Join us on June 13 at 2 PM ET for an engaging live panel discussion that unravels the complexities of staying relevant in today’s rapidly changing workplace.

Gain insights into emerging trends like hybrid working and Generative AI, and understand their impact on business and personal career development.

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The 7 Deadly Sins of Organization Transformation

Management consulting agencies understand the risks and opportunities inherent in organizational change. To manage them effectively, they need the right tools to generate actionable insights.

In "The 7 Deadly Sins of Organization Transformation." We'll show you how the Aura workforce intelligence platform can offer solutions to the top 7 challenges of organizational change.

This webinar is designed for management consultants and advisors like you, who aim to guide their clients through genuine, impactful change.

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January's Navigating the Employment Landscape: Strategies for 2024

In this webinar, we discuss how recruiters are optimistic about the job market, as indicated by the Recruiter Index. How rising demand for talent is causing recruiters to handle multiple roles. How job applications are increasing while overall candidate sentiment remains steady. How remote work and work-life balance are top priorities for job seekers, and how the healthcare industry is thriving while IT jobs have temporarily taken a backseat.

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Due Diligence in the AI Era: Creating Value Through Workforce Insights

Watch our insightful webinar on how people analytics is revolutionizing due diligence. Move beyond intuition and access comprehensive workforce data to evaluate culture, leadership, retention, and more in target companies. Unlock exclusive insights from trailblazing innovators applying talent analytics to deals.

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December's Navigating the Employment Landscape: Strategies for 2024

In this webinar, we discuss how the tech field shows an 8% increase in recruiter activity. How the healthcare sector remains steady throughout the year. How AI-related jobs are booming in the financial services sector. How the labor market is expected to stay strong in Q1 2024, with a focus on tech hiring and upskilling, and how remote work opportunities hold steady despite some pullback.

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November Outlook on the Job Market

In this webinar, we discuss how AI jobs are on the rise with a surge in startups indicating industry expansion and abundant opportunities. How the healthcare sector leads in job openings, driven by medical staffing shortages and increased reliance on services by the aging population. How tech jobs in 2024 show a promising outlook, boosted by augmented use of labor and the gig economy, and how demand for AI roles creates multiple growth avenues in the job market.

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